Why Souliv

Souliv Design Studio always work hard creatively  to apply all the design principals and concept from Biophillic design.  Souliv Design Studio claims all the proven benefits  in living space and work space . The ultimate goal of Souliv Design Studio is to enhance well-being and happiness in living and workplace  with creative design and strategies. Souliv Design studio focus day and night to spread green happiness in all over world.


Ar. Akshay Goyal

More happier MORE HEALTHIER more productive : Biophillic design

Biophilia is defined as ‘an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world’. Simply put, we as people feel happier when in natural surroundings rather than man-made environments.

Biophilic design is a way of bridging the gap between our workplace environments and nature by incorporating elements such as natural materials, water features, plenty of natural light, and interior planting.

Why Souliv
Why Souliv


Biophilia is so important for our physical and mental well-being. If we are deprived of the ability to affiliate with nature, it does affect us. Studies have shown that our ability to directly access nature can alleviate feelings of stress, promote recovery from mental fatigue, enable better focus, mental stamina, and productivity.

Perhaps surprisingly, it has been found that even looking at pictures of scenes of nature has the ability to lift our spirits and make us feel more relaxed. Exposure to natural daylight is another important element. It can help to elevate our mood as well as balance the hormone that regulates sleep.


There have been numerous studies over the last 35 years on the benefits to the built environment through improving a connection to nature.

  • Homes: can become more calming & restorative,  with 7-8 % less crime attributed to areas with access to nature and can command an increase of 4-5% in property price.
  • Office Design: productivity can be increased by 8%, rates of well-being up by 13%, increases in creativity, with reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Hospitality Design: Guests willing to pay 23% more for rooms with views of Biophilic elements
  • Education spaces: increased rates of learning 20-25%, improved test results, concentration levels and attendance, reduced impacts of ADHD
  • Healthcare Spaces: post-operative recovery times decreased by 8.5%, reduced pain medication by 22%
  • Retail: the presence of vegetation & landscaping has been found to increase average rental rates on retail spaces with customers indicating they were willing to pay 8-12 % more for goods and services.
Why Souliv
Why Souliv


This leads us to better understand the spatial and human opportunities that exist and realise more focused  results to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. Our investigations would like lead us to make improvements to:

  • optimization and organisation of spaces with a human focus
  • thermal comfort levels
  • air quality, toxin levels and ventilation
  • acoustic comfort
  • improved natural and artificial lighting
  • internal and external views onto nature
  • the use of natural materials textures, patterns and colours
  • the incorporation of recuperative spaces
  • aesthetic environment with brand recognition
  • psychological and physiological effects of the space