Our Services


We can help with developing new or existing spaces to incorporate Biophilic Design elements. We offer full interior and architectural design services.

  • Residential: from flats to houses, helping make the best use of space to create healthy homes that restore and increase levels of well-being
  • Workplace: open plan offices, meeting rooms, private spaces, recuperative spaces.
  • Hospitality: hotels, bars/pubs, restaurants/cafes, etc.
  • Healthcare: waiting rooms, consultancy rooms, foyers, children’s play areas, etc.
  • Education: entrances, class rooms, communal spaces, offices, staff rooms, etc

We also design more temporary spaces such as test case installations, exhibition spaces & pop ups.


We offer insightful research based services including trend forecasting, seminars, workshops, pre-& post occupancy studies on Biophilic Design & wellbeing.
We are happy to collaborate with existing design teams, to improve the experience of building occupancy. We can advise, educate and integrate Biophilic Design at a variety of stages throughout the design process.

  • Educational Talks: delivering introductions to Biophilic Design theory for user and students
  • Workshops: an interactive introduction to Biophilic Design for users, professionals that covers its benefits and uses


Souliv design studio collaborates with existing brands to develop new products that enhance heath & well-being.

From the outset Souliv design studio has been creating bespoke products & furniture for individual’s schemes & retailer’s interior spaces. Our focus is now on how the products we design can improve heath & wellbeing and the positive experiences of the spaces we work and live in.